Back to the Drawing Board

I have a blog! For better or worse. This blog started out as a unique response to a class assignment on liberation theology, and those posts remain available in their earlier meanderings below. I realized this evening, though, that my life has been and continues to be about rediscovering the sacred in some amazing places. And it’s time to return to the proverbial drawing board. I’m currently at Montreat Conference Center for a convocation on peace discernment hosted by the Presbyterian Peace Discernment Steering Team that I’m proud to be a part of. So much of the past two days has been an exercise in liberating theology. Students, chaplains, professors, peacemakers here are knee-deep in the complexity of racism, structures of power and injustice, war and terrorism, and ultimately participants in Christ’s imperative of nonviolence. I’m not sure what will come of all the endeavors and conversations of these few days, but such is the fertile ground for the Holy Spirit’s work.