Worship Resources for Sunday, October 19

Worship Theme: The Race of a Lifetime: Training for Humility

Scripture Lessons: John 18:15-27; John 21:15-19

Call to Worship

Leader: Gather your thoughts, your hearts, your voices.
People: Let us come to this place from too busy schedules and worldly demands.
Leader: Whether we are wrong or right, or somewhere in between, we are loved.

People: Wherever we are from, wherever we are going, we can call this place home.
Leader: Together, let us praise our creator and sustainer, our beginning and end.

People: Let us worship God!

Call to Confession

Our worship each week presents us with both the challenge and good news of confession. We are challenged because we have to admit we aren’t perfect. We encounter good news when we realize that God still loves us anyway.

Prayer of Confession

God of all things perfect and imperfect, you have given us life, purpose, and an invitation to discipleship. As we follow the path you have set for us, though, we forget that your invitation is not to a ministry of perfection. We are hard on others when they don’t meet our expectations, and we are even harder on ourselves when we fall short of our ideals. Remind us that all who have been called your disciples were imperfect. Remind us that the whole point of the life, death and resurrection of Christ was to meet us in our imperfection and to transform it for good.

Assurance of God’s Pardon

Leader: Friends, hear the good news. In Christ, we are a forgiven, blessed, and risen people.
People: Thanks be to God!