Letter from PC(USA) Mission Co-Worker in Peru

Misael Campos. Photo credit: PC(USA)

Jed Koball, a PC(USA) Mission Co-Worker serving in Peru, reflects on his experiences over the past few months in a letter to U.S. Congregations. He writes of the recent discovery of mass graves – a product of the reign of terror and fear in the 1980s-90s. He writes of the process of justice and reconciliation the church seeks to engage with, and of the ministry of partnership and presence with our Christian brothers and sisters in Peru. Read his full letter.

A Context for Liberation Theology

The documentary “State of Fear: The Truth About Terrorism” offers a powerful testimony to the context from which Latin American liberation theology emerged. The documentary follows narratives of two decades of life in Peru under a reign of terror. The documentary highlights the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate crimes and bring healing and justice to the Peruvian people after more than 70,000 civilians were killed in armed conflict. Read more about the film from Skylight Pictures or watch the video clip below.